Coordination compound Ligands Notes

Coordination compound Ligands Notes for a competitive exam (NEET AIIMS and JEE). we study about, Coordination compounds. one of the most important topics for the competitive exam (NEET, AIIMS, JEE). It comprises 10% marks of chemistry paper, and 30% of inorganic chemistry.

LIGAND are those species which donate e- pair to central metal atom by coordinate bond. Following Topics discuss:

  • Naming of ligand
  • Classification of ligand on the basis of denticity
  • monodentate ligand
  • Bidentate ligand
  • Polydentate ligands
  • Ambidentate ligands
  • Flexidentate ligands
  • CLASSIFICATION of ligands on the basis of e- donating/accepting nature
  • pi doner and pi acceptor ligands



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